I play electric bass but I always wanted to play the DOUBLE BASS...

If you are reading this article you are about to change your bass playing life.  

Don't get me wrong I love playing the electric bass there are countless situations where it is THE instrument required for the job or available van space. Then there are those times when the thump of the Upright Bass the growl of bowed low E string transform the song and player.

The double bass is not for the week of heart. I will be the first to tell you it takes a heck of lot of practice and arm strength to perform well.  I have had many bada** electric bass players shocked by what it takes to perform at the same level on the upright.  Quite a few saying I don't know how you play that the entire night. PRACTICE

You can not approach the DOUBLE BASS the same way was as the electric. The left hand is only using the 1st, 2nd and 3rd finger on the upright compared to all four fingers on the bass guitar.  On the double bass the open string are your friend while on the electric it is your tonal enemy.  Your right hand utilizes the side of your fingers as opposed to tips etc.

But all these different techniques will make you a more rounded bass player.

The first step once you have decided to give the Double Bass a go is to find a suitable instrument.  I recommend renting a bass for a month or two before you buy one.  Double bass's are a major investment and you want to make sure you are all in before you purchasing one.  Most towns have a store in which stringed instruments are rented to school kids they will be more then happy to rent you an instrument.  A lot of times these arrangements are rent to own as well.  

Next I highly recommend getting lessons right off the bat once you have the instrument.  A qualified double bass teacher will be able to give you etudes and advice to avoid any pitfalls you might encounter when switching between basses. 

Good luck and may the bass be with you.


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