Skype Lessons

I am excited to now offer Skype double bass, bass guitar, mandolin and ukulele lessons to anyone around the world.  All you need is a computer with a webcam or a tablet device, internet connection and a desire to learn.

Are you wondering exactly how the lessons work?

Use the contact page to start the discussion of what areas of your playing you are looking to improve. Examples being lessons geared towards playing the mandolin faster or how to build better bluegrass double bass lines. At which point we will schedule and have our your first lesson to see where you are at playing wise and what direction we need to take. I will email you files in either tablature or standard notation which you will work on until the next lesson. If you ever have any questions I am just an email or phone call.

The important thing about lessons over Skype is that I can see you play. Having an adjustable camera especially for double bass lessons is a great asset. It is important that I can see your technique as well as hear your playing and vice versa.  Some people find wearing headphones during the lessons enables them to hear better and recording the lesson to view later can also be great benefit.

Some Areas Covered in SKYPE LESSONS:

Bluegrass Double Bass

Classical Upright Bass

Jazz Double Bass

Rock Bass Guitar

Country Bass

Blues Bass

Bluegrass Mandolin

Irish Mandolin

Beginner Uke

Fingerstyle Ukulele


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